Transcorp Removals & Storage – Braeside

Scaffold Logistics offers a complete range of services to facilitate any type of project requiring scaffolding services throughout Australia. These services include scaffold design, engineering, hire and sales, as well as onsite labour services and transport, all of which is specifically designed to improve Safety, Quality & Efficiency.


The company is therefore entirely self-sufficient, with no need for outsourcing. This guarantees a high level of control and cohesion throughout a project and eliminates unexpected delays and increases safety & quality.


A strong focus on project management means customers receive the benefits of a well-planned and controlled service outcome, while maintaining high safety standards and quality service. Scaffold Logistics has developed and implemented procedures for project planning, which are designed to monitor the precise delivery of a desired project outcome.


The Scaffold Logistics team is often entrusted with providing innovative solutions for significant engineering challenges. Our access and support solutions were employed for projects such as the Westgate Bridge strengthening project, BAE Shipyards, Longford Gas Plant, Suncorp building demolition and many more of Australia’s largest projects.Visit :-

Adress:27 - 31 Venture Way Melbourne
Phone1:+61 3 9314 0773
Phone2:+61 3 9314 0773
Transcorp Removals & Storage – Braeside

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