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On our Free Tours of Havana you will discover the most fascinating city in the Caribbean and you will fall in love with its nostalgic charm. You will go through the last five centuries of its history, from the time of the conquistadores to the present day, and you will understand why it was known as the key to the New World. You will learn about the everyday life of the revolution through the eyes of a local, and about its leaders who have become world icons. And of course, you will learn how to dance salsa, and you will enjoy its delicious cocktails and nightlife. Join any of our three tours and enjoy a unique city, a city which seems to not be affected by the passing of time, a city fuelled by passion, music and rum!


At Strawberry Tours we believe that everyone, no matter what one’s budget is, should be able to experience and enjoy the joy of Havana. We also believe that the price of a tour should correlate with your budget as well as how much you enjoyed it. Therefore, all of our Havana walking tours run on a “Pay-What-You-Feel” basis. So let us guide you through Havana’s charming everyday life at a price you definitely can afford!


Adress:Avenida Bélgica
Strawberry Tours – Free Walking Tours Havana

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