Ray Feng Machine Co., Ltd.

Ray Feng Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional CNC lathe manufacturer with CE certified in Taiwan. Ray Feng strives to specialize in manufacturing a full range of product development, production quality, efficiency and practicability of precision CNC lathe machines. We have earned a well reputation and feedback in our core lathe products including gang tool CNC lathe, live tool CNC lathe, slide head CNC lathe and swiss type CNC lathe to buyers from all over the world.If you would like to get more details about us, please visit and contact us at: http://www.cnc-lathe-machines.com/

Adress: No.77, Dashun Rd., Rende Dist, Tainan Hsien Taiwan
Phone1: +886-6-2716866
Fax: +886-6-2713678
E-mail: rayfengmachine@hotmail.com
Web: http://www.cnc-lathe-machines.com/
Ray Feng Machine Co., Ltd.

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