Postie Pop-Up Boutique

Postie is a fashion driven, family business who began selling stunning, ready-to-wear garments across Australia, for over 30 years ago. Postie Pop-Up Boutiques are still popping up all over Australia, bringing fashion and career opportunities to the door. Postie has engaged thousands of amazing women over the years and contributed to the fulfilment of their fashion dreams, lifestyles and travels. From Host to Stylist to customer, the experience of being a part of the Postie Pop-Up Boutique network has without doubt, enhanced many lives. Our mission has always been to empower women to release their inner businesswoman, to find financial freedom, grow friendships through fashion and enjoy flexible working hours while allowing time for living life. Our foundations of integrity and strong family values remain as we move into a new era of ‘social marketing’. You can like us on Facebook but if you truly love Postie Pop-Up Boutiques, you’ll join us as a Stylist and let the real socialising begin!

Adress:162 Dougharty Rd
Phone1:03 8458 5000
Postie Pop-Up Boutique

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