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Normandy Corporation

Normandy Corporation of Rochester, NY offers a full line of Mortgage Loan Products specializing in residential and commercial construction loans. We have funded over $800 Million in loans since 1985. We fund and service 100% of our loans. Our products include construction loans, land loans, owner builder construction loans, self-build construction loans, land development loans, residential lot loans, and spec construction loans.

Our financial strength, lending expertise together with our mission to make common sense decisions and to be flexible on loan approvals, gives us a competitive edge against traditional Lenders. This, combined with quality service during the term of the loan, results in an experience that benefits the Normandy customer.

Our Consumer Borrowers experience less stress, spend less time obtaining their loan approval and getting their loan closed allowing them more time to focus on the construction phase and finish details of their new home, which is where the true value lies. (See Consumer Testimonials)

Our Business Borrowers spend less time with their Lender and more valuable time with their own clients and management of their projects. (See Business Testimonials)

It is Normandy’s financial strength that allowed us to continuously fund loans through the great recession of 2007-2009 caused by the housing market crash, as well as the previous recessions in 2001 and 1990-1991. Many of our Business Borrowers ran their projects uninterrupted during the last recession due to Normandy’s stability and all qualified Consumer Borrowers received loan approval.

Adress:46 Prince Street # 2001A
Normandy Corporation
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