Lifetime Commercial Radon and Vapor Intrusion Mitigation

Lifetime Environmental Solutions has proudly been in business for over 23 years serving our home state of Wisconsin and now the entire US! Our technicians are certified by the NRPP (National Radon Proficiency Program) and AARST (American Association of Radon Science Technicians) and have completed several very advanced courses at Rutgers University and the University of Minnesota. We are more than capable of taking on any commercial project no matter how large or complex. Our mitigation team specializes in what is known as sub-slab depressurization. Sub-slab depressurization is considered to be the most effective means of soil gas and soil vapor mitigation because it addresses the soil gas or vapor issue from beneath the building. Further, when proper investigation and diagnostic testing is done (prior to install), and efficiency is taken into account during system design and implementation, sub-slab depressurization systems can be extremely energy efficient and cost effective compared to remediation. Our commercial division is comprised of highly skilled, knowledgable, and friendly individuals eager to help your school or business take the necessary steps to achieving healthier indoor air. We specialize in radon mitigation, radon testing, VOC mitigation, vapor intrusion mitigation and more!

Adress:805 Wells Street Delafield, WI 53018
Lifetime Commercial Radon and Vapor Intrusion Mitigation

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