HUGS Wellness CBD

Hugs provides high-quality CBD products to its customers and brings a new standard of honesty and transparency to the CBD industry. Everything that is in our products is on the label. We source our ingredients with care, display them with honesty, and we follow through with world class customer service. Every batch of our product is 3rd party lab tested to ensure quality. “HUG YOURSELF” Our tag line is short, but impactful. We want to make self-care as easy as possible for all of our customers. We often lose track of our personal well-being as we go about our day to day lives, so our goal is to help consumers make Hugs a part of their daily wellness routines.

Adress:4500 S. Pleasant Valley Rd., Suite 105, Austin, TX, 78744, USA
Phone1:(512) 851-8518
HUGS Wellness CBD

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