Himalayas On Foot

Himalayas on Foot is a trusted, experienced and licensed travel and tour guide stationed in Kathmandu, Nepal ? home to Lord Buddha and Everest. We provide spectacular and special guiding facilities in trekking trips, scenic & cultural tours, historical tours, jungle safari, mountaineering, overland adventures, special private tours, helicopter tour, expeditions, hiking, climbing, family adventures or group holidays and many more. The sole purpose of the company is to make sure that our clients will have a once in a lifetime experience with us. In the process of doing so, we take our clients to insanely and serenely beautiful sites without compromising with their safety.We also maintain a continuous flow of useful data and tips about the places we visit. It matters less if you travel alone or in group, our packages will surely cover your expectations.

Adress:Thamel Bhagwati Marg 133 Nepal
Web:Thamel Bhagwati Marg 133

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