Executive Cleaning Services LLC

Executive Cleaning Services was founded in 1976 by Ayxsa Moss, who is still the president today. Her original idea was to provide outstanding and reliable cleaning service at a reasonable price. Over the years that followed, the company grew substantially as Executive Cleaning Services’ reputation for thoroughness and attention to detail spread.

The ideals that earned Executive Cleaning Services a reputation as an outstanding house-cleaning service were quickly recognized and appreciated by Executive Cleaning Services’ corporate clients as well. After more than 30 years and many happy clients later, the values on which the company was founded — good and reliable service at a reasonable price — remain as valid today as they were in 1976.

Mrs. Moss then realized that the level of service that she provided to her residential clients was also sorely lacking in the business arena. Hence, the move to cleaning office buildings and other large facilities.

Adress:460 New York Ave, Huntington, NY 11743, United States
Executive Cleaning Services LLC

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