Dr. Mohebi is known as a world renowned hair transplants surgery doctor very famous for his skills in absolutely related to hair restoration. He’s the inventor of a range of innovative hair transplants innovations to provide assistance with hair transplants surgical procedures. Doctor Parsa Mohebi is known for his strategic approach that he believes each man or woman’s best hair appearance before proceeding with the surgical procedure. The individual patients will have a very natural head of hair that no one can or will will have the ability to be able to tell the hair restoration patient had a transplant procedure done. A lot of men and women who have gone into Doctor Mohebi are very pleased with the results. With brand new procedures of procedures, especially FUE hair transplant, and Dr. Parsa Mohebi’s favorite Celebrity Hair Transplant process, you also get the options of fast and ideal outcomes. Irrespective of how much hair is currently on your head you have there, we’ve got many choices for our processes that might work for you. These include beard to body, scalp hair to scalp, and even when there is a minimal amount of donor hair, we can make it work out. Give a ring to our Beverly Hills hair loss restoration office and you can schedule an appointment to acquire the life changing work done for you.

Adress:9735 Wilshire Blvd Penthouse Beverly Hills, California 90212

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