Daniel Roberts Builder and Quantity Surveyor

Daniel Roberts started his career in construction working for a Yorkshire based quantity surveying company, Rex Procter and Partners where he gained a traditional training as a PQS, he completed his qualifications part time whilst attending Leeds Metropolitan University. Daniel worked on a range of projects from Supermarkets to Railway stations and had a passion for construction law and sustainable building.
Daniel Roberts completed his qualifications in 2009 with a HBc (Hons) in Quantity Surveying and had a unique blend of hands on practical experience with the preparation of Bills of Quantities and Design and Build innovative commercial contracts.
During his part time studies Daniel concluded his degree with an interest in sustainable building techniques and submitted his dissertation on the embodied energy of building components. It was as part of these studies that Daniel realised there was a significant disparity between energy savings within the additional building components such as insulation or double glazing and the tangible saving for the home occupants in terms of cost savings on energy consumptions and more importantly the implication of embodied energy (i.e. the amount of carbon omitted to produce a product v the saving to the environment over the life of a building). Daniel realised that in some instances it was counterproductive to install more insulation as the carbon emissions for production of the insulation was higher than could be computed of the life of a dwelling, Daniel found this alarming and concerning as the present strategy for sustainability within the industry was to install more and more insulation, Daniel identified this as a negative and potentially toxic strategy for value engineering of a property.

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Daniel Roberts Builder and Quantity Surveyor

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