Wainwright Engineering Services

The Wainwright Group was founded by O.F. Wainwright sixty years ago. What first began as an Australian general engineering company, the company manufactured quality Water Spray Guns and became recognised for our professional craftsmanship and quality products.Family owned and run, the Wainwright Group provided professional and personalised service to customers throughout Australia. Specialising in Water Spray Gun manufacture, providing a product to business that they couldn?t live without.As the business grew, so too did Wainwright?s expertise. Our engineers took on advanced roles and began to design and manufacture materials handling equipment and entire systems. Today, the company remains a family owned business and specialises in total Conveying Systems.

Adress: 15 Kimberly Road, Dandenong South,VIC -3175,Australia Australia
Phone1: 1300 780 044

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