United Recovery Project

United Recovery Project is an excellent drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in South Florida. Along with treating the symptoms and issues of addiction,

Why Choose United Recovery Project?
At United Recovery Project, we take a very unique approach to addiction treatment. Almost everyone you will come into contact with during treatment is in recovery and has firsthand, personal experience with everything you are going through. Our expansive alumni network includes events and mentorship to help ensure you have a strong support system during and after treatment. While many facilities take a standardized, ‘boxed’ approach to treatment, at United Recovery Project we provide custom-tailored treatment programs designed to first uncover the underlying causes and behaviors specific to your addiction. Your individualized treatment program will include separate therapy groups based on your experiences and a luxurious residential living experience to help you discover recovery in peace and tranquility. We then help you formulate habits and healthy behaviors to manage negative emotions and triumph over difficult situations without using harmful chemicals to provide temporary, false relief. Our comprehensive treatment programs focus on all aspects of the recovery process including:

Mental health and stability
Physical healing
Neurological strength
Emotional and spiritual well-being
Our team only has one goal: to help all of our clients claim victory over their addictions by providing the highest level of quality services possible in a nurturing environment. Our programs are designed to empower and define a positive outlook so you can discover the endless possibilities of what your life can be after overcoming addiction. You do not have to face your addiction alone – let the loving team at United Recovery Project help forge your path to recovery!

Adress:5900 Johnson St Hollywood, FL 33021
United Recovery Project

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