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Taylor Physical Therapy and Wellness

We help women struggling with pre- and post-natal conditions, breast cancer, osteoporosis, and orthopedic pain return to the activities they love.
Services Offered

The Triad’s Premier Women’s Health and Wellness Center
Taylor Physical Therapy and Wellness was started to care specifically for your prenatal, postpartum, oncology, and orthopedic health needs. We provide women the education, empowerment, and relief they need during pregnancy and breast cancer.
Is the average 5-year survival rate for breast cancer; however, cancer-related side effects can impact quality of life long after completion of treatment
2 in 5
Women who survive breast cancer will develop lymphedema that impacts their quality of life.
Of patients with cancer receive much needed physical therapy to relieve their symptoms.
Of women experience pregnancy related low back pain
8 in 10
women suffering from low back pain report that it affects their daily routines
Of women continue to have pain after delivery
Wondering if we can help? Request your FREE 20-minute call with a physical therapist to discuss your symptoms and whether physical therapy is right for you

Address: 690 Jonestown Rd Ste 200C, Winston-Salem, NC 27103, United States
Phone: 336-310-5038

Website: https://taylorptandwellness.com
Business Email: [email protected]

Adress:690 Jonestown Rd Ste 200C
Phone1:[email protected]
Taylor Physical Therapy and Wellness
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