Southwest Scoliosis Institute

At the Southwest Scoliosis Institute, we are committed to providing the highest quality care in the diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis and spinal diseases including pediatric and adult spinal deformity

Scoliosis Pre surgery X-rayRichard Hostin, MD, Kathryn Wiesman, MD, and Shyam Kishan, MD, are the experts at the Southwest Scoliosis Institute (SWSI). The Scoliosis Institute specializes in scoliosis, complex spine, and revision surgeries.

Our nationally recognized spine center conducts scoliosis and spine research while excelling in treatment and patient care. We actively participate in research to ensure an evidence-based foundation exists for all of our patient treatment plans. We believe in research, that’s why we have our very own research team that brings a wealth of clinical and research expertise. Our research team conducts investigator-initiated and sponsored research with the goal of disseminating scientific evidence for the advancement of spine care internationally. This proactive approach to research enables our fellowship-trained and board-certified physicians to practice medicine at the highest levels when it comes to a correct and successful diagnosis, treatment and care.

We always start with a conservative treatment for treating children and adults with scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, and other complex spinal diseases. Because we possess the expertise and a long history of focusing on scoliosis and complex spine cases, we can offer a broad range of research-based treatment options, starting with a conservative one.

We pride ourselves on patient education. Each physician ensures that he or she spends lots of time with their patients. This allows patients to discuss their symptoms and concerns and be aware of the most successful treatment for their spine condition. Finally, our physicians always take the time needed to help our patients understand their condition and the best treatment plan available.

Adress:12222 N Central Expy, Suite 420, Dallas, Texas 75243
Phone1:(972) 985-2797
Southwest Scoliosis Institute

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