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​Between washes a car can start to look like it’s traveling around under a layer of dirt. Oftentimes, before an owner realizes it, the interior of a car can begin to take on trash, dust, leaves and more. The owner of a car that needs cleaning attention has a couple options. Spend a beautiful afternoon washing and vacuuming the car in the driveway? Or, call the professionals and have washing and detailing work done in an expert way.

Discover more about what’s involved in expertly cleaning a car. Plus, learn why our mobile auto spa is such a popular option with car owners living in Tallahassee, Florida and the surrounding area.
Washing the Car

Of course, washing a car is part of any thorough cleaning and detailing routine. A car should be washed in sections, so every area is cleaned including headlights, door handles, and brake lights.

Using an effective soap that won’t damage a car’s paint job is very important. In addition, washing the tires using a separate cleaning solution removes caked on dirt and grease making both the rubber and the rims shine!

Once all of the soap is rinsed off the car, it should be dried right away with either a microfiber towel or a chamois. Carefully drying the body of the car after washing prevents water spots from forming and keeps dust from sticking to the newly washed vehicle.

At our car cleaning service Tallahassee, we take the time to complete every step in the washing process, so your car’s exterior is free of dust, dirt, insect remains, etc. Whether an owner is driving to a job interview or the grocery store, a shiny, clean car is a must-have.

Cleaning the Windows

Washing windows is a separate step in the car cleaning process. The right procedure for cleaning windows prevents streaks, dripping and smears. At our auto spa Tallahassee, we start by cleaning the very top of each window to prevent smears created by the cleaning solution that can seep into the window jamb.

We clean the inside and outside of a car’s windows and check for stray smears to ensure they’re wiped away. The last thing an owner wants to see is a smudgy window on a sunny day!


Vacuuming is an essential step in the interior cleaning routine of a car. Most owners know that crumbs, dirt, and small wrappers can end up almost anywhere in a car’s interior. The seats (including the headrests), floor mats and floors need to be thoroughly vacuumed. Also, the air vents, cup holders, dashboard, doors, door pockets, trunk, and the area just beneath the rear window all need vacuuming.


Why do cars get so dusty? That’s a question that may never be solved. Fortunately, the expert staff at our auto cleaning service Tallahassee has the tools and the talent to get rid of the dust!

Using a microfiber cloth and a mild, yet effective, cleaning solution the dust is removed from doors, door handles, the dashboard, the center console, and the vents. The microfiber material of the cloth is designed to absorb the particles of dust unlike paper towels that tend to leave more dust behind than they pick up!

Cleaning the Seats

Cleaning the seats in a car may be accomplished just by vacuuming. But, if there are stains on the upholstery, they can be removed during the detailing process.

If a car owner has a vehicle with leather seats, those can be cleaned using a special cleaning solution that’s gentle on the material. If you have leather seats, our team at our mobile auto spa Tallahassee has the solution for cleaning them.

Removing Odors

A car can take on odors from food, sweat, spilled drinks and more. Expert cleaning solutions can leave behind a subtle fragrance that replaces any stale odors. Of course, a stronger fragrance can be added to make a car smell its best.
The Convenience of Mobile Car Cleaning Services

One of the biggest reasons to opt for our professional mobile car cleaning service Tallahassee is convenience. We come to a car owner’s home or workplace to provide the car cleaning services. So, an owner doesn’t have to take the time to travel to a location and wait to have their car cleaned and detailed. A car owner can go on with their day while their vehicle is being tended to by the team of experts at our mobile auto detailing Tallahassee.

The Right Equipment

Access to the right equipment is another reason to go with the professionals for car cleaning and detailing services. Car washing solutions, microfiber cloths, hoses, tire cleaning solution and odor removal solutions are all items that professional car cleaners bring to the job.

A car owner may not have a powerful vacuum that can pick up a lot more material from a car’s interior than a standard vacuum. A person who cleans their own car has to invest in costly supplies. Hiring professionals from our auto detailing Tallahassee means a car owner doesn’t have to supply anything but the car.

Effective Cleaning Products

Quality cleaning solutions used to clean the exterior and interior of a car are necessary in order to get the job done to an owner’s satisfaction. That’s why our mobile car detailing Tallahassee invests in quality cleaning solutions. Our cleaning solutions make a car’s interior and exterior look better while not harming the finish on any part of the vehicle.

Cleaning the Nooks and Crannies

Cleaning a car at home takes time and patience. Plus, it can be frustrating to see crumbs in areas of a car’s interior that cannot be reached with everyday tools. This is another excellent reason to leave this task to the professionals. Our staff at our auto spa Tallahassee has special tools designed to get into the nooks and crannies of a car’s interior.

An example of this would be the area around the gear shift, the vents or around the base of the steering wheel. Getting to those nooks and crannies as well as the main area of the car is the only way to ensure a clean vehicle for our customers in Tallahassee.

Practical Experience

Our team of car cleaning and detailing experts have dealt with a lot of different vehicles. In other words, we know how to tackle cleaning jobs that may seem impossible at first glance. We’re familiar with the cleaning solutions that work as well as the ones that don’t. Most car owners want a team of people who understand what it takes to get a vehicle clean both inside and out. Staff members at our mobile auto cleaning service Tallahassee use their experience to thoroughly clean and detail a customer’s vehicle.

Lastly, whether you’re an owner with a car that needs just a little touch-up or a thorough cleaning inside and out, our mobile cleaning service Tallahassee is up to the job! Contact us today and let us know what services you need and the most convenient time for us to get started. We look forward to making your vehicle look its very best!

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