Old School Boxing And Fitness Center

Welcome to Old School Boxing and Fitness Center, where boxing is more than a sport, but a lifestyle and passion. Established in 2008 by owner and head coach Ernest Johnson, we have been one of the top boxing gyms in San Diego, training and developing fighters from all walks of life. Our boxing classes are fun and guaranteed to challenge you in every way possible, whether you\’re taking a cardio boxing, kickboxing or judo classes, you’re guaranteed to burn up to 750 calories per class!
In our boxing gym, you’ll find members who are beginners, intermediate and advanced boxers training to compete competitively in tournaments. You can expect a welcoming, fun and healthy environment; regardless of your skill level, physical condition or walk of life. We take tremendous pride in welcoming and developing our members to their desired physical, mental and skill potential.
Are you interested in self-defense training? We have available for all members, 1 on 1 personal training and private boxing lesson, where you’ll learn defensive drills and fundamental/advanced boxing lessons according to your current level. In addition, we also help the members of our boxing club find the right eating diets for a healthy lifestyle and physical development. 

Come to try a free boxing class on us!

We offer the best boxing classes in San Diego, as it is our main focus, everything else

Adress:5975 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115
Phone1:(619) 204-8974
Old School Boxing And Fitness Center

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