National Legal Service Solicitors

Legal Aid Solicitors specialising in Family, Crime and Extradition. Our solicitors come from a diverse range of backgrounds and specialisms, encompassing family law, care, crime and extradition law.

Our mission is to make a positive change in people’s lives and to deliver the best legal services and care to our clients.
Like many great stories, ours begins in London. When we first opened our doors, the National Legal Service was comprised of a team of 20 professionals in an Aldgate office, from there, we grew to be prominent solicitors in a short period of time.

In those early days (as is the case today), each team member was united in their dedication to building an expert family law service – which worked for our clients and understood them as individuals with specific and tailored needs. In the intervening years, many things have changed and our solicitors practise in London has extended nationwide, but this focus remains key to the work we do and guides our every move.

We have grown dramatically since launch, expanding our reach across England with additional offices in 20 regions and adding around 100 staff members. This move demonstrates our dedication to being national in reach yet serving local communities with expert legal knowledge.

Each of our clients is treated as a person, not simply a case to be solved. As experts in the delicate, complex and emotive area of family law, we know how important it is to really get to know the situations we are dealing with. We will talk through your concerns and wishes with compassion and care, as well as providing you with highly specialised legal expertise at every stage.

It is this approach which has led more than 90% of our clients to say they would recommend us, something we are extremely proud of. We aim to change each client’s life for the better, assisting with family disputes and legal problems which may be beyond the reach of legal professionals who are not experienced in this complex and specialised arena.

We promise that when you choose the National Legal Service, you will receive the highest levels of care and legal service from our solicitors in London and around the country. We have big plans for the coming years, which will enable us to help even more clients across England.

We are always ready to hear from individuals in need of expert family solicitors, and also provide a 24/7 crime emergency line. To discuss your case in detail please call us on 0203 601 5051.

Adress:1 Mann Island Liverpool Merseyside L3 1BP
Phone1:020 3601 5051
National Legal Service Solicitors

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