NAD Treatment Center

The NAD Treatment Center offers NAD IV therapy for California residents to help restore NAD levels in the body and enhance brain function.

NAD+: The CoEnzyme Of Cellular Breath
What makes our bodies live and breath and do all that we do every day? We think, sleep, move, drive, exercise, eat and digest, and make decisions. How do we do all of that?

On the most microscopic level, it is the activity of each individual cell in our body, each doing its part. Our cells are these little machines that make the big machine, called the human body, operate. Each individual cell must do its part in creating energy for all this activity. A cell must take in nutrients, make energy and expel wastes for the larger machine to be able to do all that we do without even realizing how. It’s like taking in a breath. We take in air, create energy with this oxygen and then expel the waste of carbon dioxide.

The same process occurs on a microscopic level with each living cell and NAD+ is right there. For this reason, NAD+ has become the focus of research in the anti-aging and longevity health field, nutritional science, medicine and pharmaceutics… and why here at NAD Treatment Center, I call NAD+ the coenzyme of cellular breath.

NAD+ is an essential coenzyme for the life process in each individual living cell and its cellular breath. A co-enzyme is a molecule, similar to a vitamin, that is required by proteins (enzymes) to do function. NAD+ serves key functions in all living cells and its effects are more apparent in certain organs. NAD+ serves as an essential co-enzyme for many different proteins (enzymes) in a cell regulating metabolism, energy production and DNA to name a few. Life would not be possible without NAD+ and by supplementing with NAD+, it has been my experience at NAD Treatment Center that one’s quality of life is enhanced with NAD+ supplementation.

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NAD Treatment Center

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