Movement Place

Movement Place is a private personal training business based out of Bentonville, Arkansas. We cater to 1on1, semi-private groups, in-home, and remote training.

Having A System In Place To Fuel Growth, Adherence And Results Through A Creative, Fun, Safe And Progressive Manner Is Key For Lifelong Training Success. We Are Wired For Movement, And The Pay Off Is Worth The Work!

Solid And Sustainable Training And Lifestyle Principles Are A Staple Within Our Programming And Recommendations. If You Can’t Maintain It, You Won’t Succeed. Goals Are Achieved By Simple Step-By-Step Processes. Processes That Become Habits And That Aren’t Too Fancy, Or Too Strict. The Guarantee Of Your Success Lies In Your Adherence!

Do You Love To Lift Weights In A Variety Of Ways, Or Want To Learn How To Do So Correctly? Do You Want To Shed Some Stubborn Pounds? Do You Feel Drowned In Information And Don’t Know What To Do?

If You Love To Feel Your Muscles Burn And You Also Want To Learn How To Move In A Variety Of Ways, Learn How To Effectively Train Your, “Core,” Learn The What, How And Why’s Of Integrated Breathing Principles, The Importance Of Positioning For Better Results, Etc… Come Check Us Out! It Is Never Too Late To Start!

The Movement Place,
A Results Driven Training System.
A Perfect Blend Of
Bodyweight Training,
Athletic Based Training,
Strength & Conditioning,
Unconventional Movement,
And Mobility-Driven Movements.

Your World
Through Movement.

Adress:2805 Mid Cities Dr, Ste #5
Phone1:(479) 616-3696
Movement Place

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