Mold Agent Inc

Mold inspection and testing Unbiased with full reports (no removal)

Mold Agent Inc is a fully licensed and insured mold inspection and testing company. Currently we are servicing the NYC 50-mile radius. To book and inspection outside of the NYC 50-mile radius please contact us at 516-517-8211.

At Mold Agent information and transparency is our mission. We are a fully licensed and insured Mold Inspection and Testing company offering unbiased inspections and reporting. Mold Agent does not offer any mold remediation/removal services.
All our mold inspections are done in person by one of our state licensed agents. All inspections include a full visual walkthrough, Moisture Meter and Thermal Imaging to identify areas that are likely to have hidden mold growth, 2 Mold Tests* (1 control and 1 area of concern) and a full detailed report.

*After a full visual inspection of the property a testing plan is suggested to the client. As per state law our agents must suggest any tests that can be beneficial the client. It will ultimately be up to the client to decide what tests would be most important to their needs.

Adress:3006 Ave K
Mold Agent Inc

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