MASS4D – Custom Insoles

MASS4D® custom insoles combine the latest science on foot health with cutting-edge technology to contribute to improved health and overall well-being of the insole wearer. 

MASS4D® foot insoles can easily be integrated into any treatment program, as a fully customised tool to support the feet in their healthiest posture. Insoles are customised to each person’s condition, activities and body weight to contribute to proper posture of feet, legs, hips & spine.

MASS4D® serves both as a rehab tool for current problems and as a prevention tool to protect against future ones.

Our commitment to excellence does not stop with our custom insole product. MASS4D® is a full-service foot insole company offering product training, professional medical educational seminars, support staff training, online training videos, and more.

Adress:231196 umeirah Terrace - Office 211, 2nd of December Street 1004, Jumeirah 1 Dubai UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
MASS4D – Custom Insoles

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