Lead Sherpa, Inc.

Lead generation software for real estate professionals.

Even experienced real estate pros struggle to generate enough leads to rest easy at night
It’s the same problem our Founder experienced while spending thousands on other marketing channels every week to only get a handful of replies.

“Getting enough deals to achieve your goals shouldn’t be so difficult”
Traditional Real Estate marketing channels are oversaturated.

Whether you’re wholesaling, fix ‘n’ flipping, or building a rental portfolio, you’re forced into escalating direct mail costs. Or chaining yourself to the phone for hours of grueling cold calling.

Texting drives huge response rates but doing it at high volumes is physically impossible and difficult to track. Auto Dialer text options are a litigator’s dream and investor’s worst nightmare.

So how can a Real Estate Pro achieve financial freedom faster?

We’re a team of REI veterans, engineers, and customer success managers, obsessed with solving that problem.

Adress:710 Kipling St, #306
Lead Sherpa, Inc.

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