Kokusai Express Moving

Kokusai Express Moving is more than an ordinary company!
The job we do for our clients outvies the usual help that you can get from the shipping company. There is a long list of our clients’ services, but we are still open to every other assistance in every circumstance. Hiring our company, you will be able to get shipping, transporting, organization, logistics, and international shipping for every type of goods. The list of our clients is long, and we increase it every day. However, we do not serve only companies. You will see that the help and services we offer could help people transport goods or send items all over the world. It is the reason why people from every part of the world recognize our name and us as a brand. The recommendations that people give to their friends and partners are not only helpful for us in the job. It is a great motivation to continue with the job and do not stop with improvements. The best part of our job is listening to clients. Their needs, wishes, and feedback are critical to us. Thanks to them, we do not stop with improvements and polishing of our services. Shipping a long list of items, protecting, and speeding is significant proof of our professionalism and success and, undoubtedly, the reason to call us for every type of help. Our employers will be happy to explain how our company works and which service will be the best option for you.

Adress:24F, World Trade Center Bldg. 2-4-1 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6124, Japan
Kokusai Express Moving

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