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The Kiser story begins in Illinois on Bob Kiser’s farm where he grew corn and soybeans. The Kiser family became involved in the reining horse industry around 1978 and by 1986, the family were well-known members of the National Reining Horse Association, or the NRHA.

In 1986 the NRHA Futurity was moved to Oklahoma City and the arena footing was certainly less than desirable. The following year the conditions were even worse. The NRHA knew that they had to make a change to keep the prestige of the event and Bob Kiser was their answer. They asked him to take charge of the footing at the Futurity and he was able to provide the footing needed for an event of this magnitude. One of the first things that he did was to build a drag to help him manage the footing. He aggressively pursued better footing and equipment and soon the word spread. He was then asked to provide footing and equipment for the NRHA Derby and Kiser’s have managed the footing for and provided their equipment to the NRHA Futurity and Derby for over 32 years now. With the success of these events, the Kiser’s name quickly became synonymous with top-of-the-line equestrian arenas. Not only was the name associated with arenas and footing, but Bob also became known for developing the most innovative arena drags in the world. He continues improving his equipment even today.

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Kiser Arena Specialists

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