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Review Fiduciary Duties and Responsibilities
Understanding Fiduciary Duties and Responsibilities lays the groundwork for everything about the Plan.

A Plan generally has many Fiduciaries. Some may not relieve themselves of their duties while others can.

KISC’s approach to managing Fiduciary issues revolves around the Fi360 program. Fi360 helps financial intermediaries use prudent fiduciary practices to profitably gather, grow and protect investors’ assets. KISC employees are AIF®, Accredited Investment Fiduciary.

Assess Plan Success against Plan Purpose
The plan was initially installed with a purpose.

Has it met that purpose?
Is it accomplishing all that was expected?
Is it expected to accomplish more or different objectives now?
Are metrics used to measure success?

Employee turnover
% Participant participation
Participant contribution %
Participant Asset Stability
What else is of concern to the Plan Sponsor?

Review Plan Documents
The Plan Documents are critical.

Are they up to date?
Are they being followed?

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