Kabey Muhendislik Ltd. Sti.

Practice AreasMechanical Installation of Project Design and Consulting.Mechanical Installation Application-ContractingMechanical Installation Design and Implementation Supervision.Into their work area Facilities• Hotels and Holiday Villages• Shopping Centers• Commercial Buildings• Office-Administrative Buildings• Hospitals• Airport Terminal Buildings• Industrial Facilities• Sports Complexes• Residential-Mass Housing• Multi-Purpose Luxury Buildings• Private Process ApplicationsMechanical Tes. Expertise and Authorization classes• Heating Installations• Cooling Installations• Thermal Insulation• Air Conditioning Installations• Air Conditioning Installations• Automatic Control Installation• Plumbing• Garden watering system• Pool Installation• S.T. Kitchen Installations• S.T. Laundry Installation• Elevator Preliminary Design Preparation

Adress: Caglayan Mah. 2007 Sok. No:9/9Antalya Turkey
Phone1: 902423240270
Fax: 902423240271
E-mail: kabey@kabeymuhendislik.com
Web: http://www.kabeymuhendislik.com
Kabey Muhendislik Ltd. Sti.

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