Indy Landscape Lighting

We offer outdoor landscape lighting in and around Indianapolis, Indiana.

Reliable And Professional Staff
We only use the best quality products and tools at Indy Landscape Lighting.
We strive for excellence with every project we complete. We use mold-resistant products that are great against the weather elements. Indy Landscape Lighting uses the latest technology to make lighting installation easier and with increased efficiency. We accomplish this goal by upgrading our procedures and equipment regularly. It will ensure that we are always following the latest standards and regulations. Standards and regulations are in place to make sure that you are protected from companies that will give you bad products or services.
Affordable Light Installation Services
Our professional staff is helpful and knowledgable in outdoor lighting.
We use technology to hire the best employee possible for Indy Landscape Lighting. We prepare them by giving them extensive training in outdoor lighting design, installation, repair, and replacement. We also provide extensive training in customer service to ensure that every customer has the best experience possible at Indy Landscape Lighting. We believe in giving extra training to eliminate costly mistakes. It is better to spend a little more to efficiently train your employees than to spend the money to fix the issues a bad employee can cause. Our staff will be very informative and friendly.

Adress:416 N. Temple Ave Indianapolis, IN 46201
Indy Landscape Lighting

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