High Water Standard

Have you ever tested that water that you drink? According to the 2017 Environmental Working Group (EWG) report on public tap water, New York water tested above the national average for six dangerous chemicals including. But nowadays with our technologies, a water filter can resolve that problem. You may need clean and fresh water for:
1. To be healthy. Not a big secret that life is in the water.
2. To be eco. You won’t buy any bottles with a water filter!
3. To save money. Yes, water filter will save you at least $36 per month!

So High Water Standard is that firm that will help you to install, maintenance and repair water filters. We offer all our customers:

A 3-Month Money Back Guarantee On All Water Filtering Systems
A 3-Year Parts Warranty On All Installations and Parts
24/7 Emergency Service
Customized Water Filter Systems for Homes By Zip Code
Service to All 5 Burroughs, North New Jersey, Upstate, and Long Island

Adress:1938 Stillwell Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11223
Phone1:347 797 6859
High Water Standard

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