With 8 hours of battery life, wheels, and foldable design, FlexFridge goes where you need it to. Take your refrigeration mobile!

About Us

Originally, FlexFridge started out as a school project. While studying for a Masters of Product Design and Development at Northwestern University in 2011, Shaun Passley Ph.D helped to create and refine the concept.

The initial feedback was great, but there was more to be done before the product was ready for the public. After graduating, Shaun decided to take the product a step further.

In 2015, Shaun created a team and patented the FlexFridge. Together they put in the time and research necessary to create a high-performance FlexFridge that, with the help of online backers, will be ready to bring to the market.

The newest version of FlexFridge boasts 4 cubic feet of storage, a fold-able design, wheels for easy transportation, and more.

The team is confident that the FlexFridge is worth getting excited about. They can’t do it alone, though. It’s up to supporters like you to help them bring the FlexFridge to life. With everybody’s help, the FlexFridge can become a reality.

Adress:205 W Wacker Dr, Ste 1320, Chicago, IL 60606

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