Femitec Autogas Australia

Femitec Autogas Australia has been a leader in Auto LPG technology. With years of experience and expertise, we have been the right choice for LPG conversion in Melbourne. We will continue to deliver a wide range of gas conversion and autogas conversion services to the industry. In recognition of the broader Australian market, we are please to introduce autogas system in Australia. 


Our LPG car conversion technology provides an affordable means of reducing transport-related air pollution. We also offer highly durable gas injection system and LPG injectors that ensure precise dosage of gas to the engine air intake duct. Our diesel LPG injection system has aluminium waterproof housing, auto calibration, precise settings and high quality and approved components for long lasting operation.  We strive hard to offer our clients with the efficient and affordable gas conversion kit and LPG conversion kit for cars. 


Our greener and efficient technology has several features including simple installation, automatic calibration, easy adjustments, quality components, operation with diesel engines and advanced diagnostics with self check. Femitec provides continual real-time monitoring, automated signal processing, through the use of sensors and data to enable assistive solutions. Designed for both petrol and diesel systems, Femitec support both the driving system and mechanical processes. 


To inquire more about our products and services, call us or send us an email for any further inquiry. 

Adress:13/924 Mountain Hwy, Bayswater, VIC 3153
Fax:(03)9720 0058
Femitec Autogas Australia

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