Car Club

The public transport works well for me but occasionally I need a car to move around for a few hours or part of a day. But car ownership is expensive and not absolutely necessary for me. Once a car is purchased, many car owners drive it as often as possible to justify the heavy investment even when there are alternative options just as good. The average car is driven for only 2 hours daily. The rest of the day it is parked and depreciating in value. The Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) also makes daily commuting by a car increasingly unattractive. The car-sharing scheme can complement the public transport by providing you with the benefits and convenience of a car when the need to drive arises. Car-sharing is ideal for you if you do not need to drive a car daily or for your work. A member pays per use and can get a car 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The Car Club

Adress:229 Mountbatten Road#02-02 Mountbatten SquareSingapore 398007 Singapore
Phone1:6788 1511
Fax:6547 5501

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