Benbassat Orthodontics

Welcome to Benbassat Orthodontics! Orthodontics is a beneficial process that enhances the overall health of the teeth. Expects can elevate your self-esteem and provide end to end solution for issues associated with a poor fit of the teeth. Issues associated with a poor fit can include crowding of the teeth, misalignment of the jaws, abnormal wear of tooth surfaces, and excessive stress of gum tissue and the bone that support the teeth. Benbassat Orthodontics offers a beautiful smile while achieving much more!

They offer orthodontic appliances that include the metal or ceramic braces. You can choose the best braces that fit in your lifestyle.

Adress:10 Headdon Gate #1A, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 8A2 Canada
Fax:(905) 224-2291
Benbassat Orthodontics

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