Artefatos De Metias Condor Ltda

The Jóias Condor are one of the largest brazilian jewellery companies. We produce more than 3.000 articles on gold plated 18K and sterling silver 925. Our company already export to the whole Latin America and USA. We are seeking for more distribuitors companies that have interest on working with us as a partnership. The Jóias Condor offer one product with high quality certificate ISO9001 and SA8000 more one varied marketing material to support the partner and support commercial technic.

Adress: Av.Alberto Pasqualini 1500RS Guaporé Brazil 99200.000 Brazil
Phone1: +55 54 443 2222
Fax: +55 54 443 1525
Artefatos De Metias Condor Ltda

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