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We work in translation and proofreading, academic writing in the following fields:1. General translation, in all fields.2. Legal translation; including work agreements, work orders, lease contracts, courts and advocacy ?.etc.3. Financial & commercial translation; including bids & tenders, price offers and quotations, inventory control, Fiscal year statements, bid bonds, performance bonds, guarantees, cheques, invoices, bills of lading, and all work correspondences; for contracting companies, manufacturing companies, and banking transactions & dealings.4. Scientific, vocational and Technical translations of catalogs, brochures, manuals, warranty certificates, work orders (WO), and all relevant documents for contracting companies, manufacturing companies, businessmen, researchers and students.5. Translation of educational certificates, births and deaths, marri

Adress:Egypt, Cairo Egypt
Phone1:+2 01005618040

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