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The definition of what is an Electrical Substation can be explained as a power system which includes electrical generation, transmission and distribution. These electrical substations must have transmission systems and distribution grid. Transmission lines are for reducing the voltage for distribution grids. In these distribution grids, circuit breakers are vital equipment for the protection of the grids, they can also control of directions and flow of the current. Main components of the electrical substation are circuit breakers, power transformer, insulator, bus-bar and lightning arrester. These are brief and basic explaination of the question of what is an Electrical Substation.

Electrical Substation Equipment

Some types of equipment are required for transformation of electrical power. Some of the main components are lightning arrester, power transformer, circuit breakers and bus-bar for an electrical substation. Lightning arrestor is a protection equipment for a substation. It protects the substation from high voltage and it also can limit duration and amplitude of the flow of current. It connected between line and earth. It preserve the substation from any kind damage to the system. There are several types of lightning arrestors due to purpose of usage. Power transformers are for arranging voltage in general. They can step up the voltage for transmission and step down it for distribution. Circuit breakers are a kind of switches which is for opening, closing or rebooting system in case of an error occurs. Insulators are used for fixing and insulating bus bars in electrical substations.

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